Lano Sports continuously strives for quality improvements and through continuous investment in R&D, the product portfolio is in constant movement making sure state of the art products are launched.The work of our research and development involves developing new products and  improving current ones through various forms of research.  New products and improvements to current products need to meet the requirements of our customers, taking into consideration changes in consumer demand and the availability of new materials and technology in artificial turf ànd in new systems.

  • Accountability 

Each one of us feeling it’s up to me.

  • Innovation

Cherishing new ideas and translating them into actions.

  • Integrity

Behaving ethically and being true to our words.

  • Respect 

Team-work, achieving their full potential through the contributions of each individual.

  • Health, Safety & Environment  

Responsibly caring for each other, our communities, and the global environment.

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