JUTAgrass® is a division of the Juta Group. The Juta Group is comprised of several business units operating in numerous fields related to the industrial elaboration of polymers. Our manufacturing units include technical textiles, backing materials, extrusion of polymer fibres, yarns, and tufting.

With 2000 employees is Juta one of the largest European industrial groups with production sites strategically positioned over the Czech Republic.

The Juta Group manufacturing is vertically integrated beginning with basic chemicals, polymers, raw materials, the processing of these materials into fibres and yarns, through to finished products and their respective applications. This vertical integration combined with our experience, know-how and state-of-the-art technology are the keys to our success.

Juta prides itself on innovation, quality and service. These are not just corporate slogans to us, but describe the Juta company philosophy. This philosophy is reflected in the spirit of all our companies and most importantly, our people.

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