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The interior décor of your home, be it the living room or bedroom is very important to everyone. One of the essential elements that makes up this interior décor is the   flooring. It is just as important in fact as the colour you choose for your walls, the style of your furniture or lighting design. Our Berry Floor Parquet floors are specially designed to offer you solutions that combine the natural aspect of the different species of wood with finishes that show the effects and relief of these materials to their greatest effect and a selection of finishes from mat, oiled, limed satin and gloss that create wonderful backdrop for the play of light on your floor. Each board is unique as your floor will be thanks to our Berry Floor Parquet, made in France at Berry wood, located in Meaulne in the very heart of France. In the center in fact of the famous foret de Troncais with its age-old oaks. In this brochure you will find our complete selection of Woods and accessories along with all the information and reasons why you should choose our parquet is enhance your living space. Berry Floor Parquet is designed to enhance the pleasure of both you and your family.